About school

 Annas Tree School is a society of people interested in educating themselves and others. Ideologically it was built around a Tree, so it represents five interconnected major fields of interest: Forestry, Treecare or Arboriculture, Landscape gardening, Architecture and Art, Nature preservance and Ecology. We used to say – it’s all about trees and around trees, but today we say – it’s all about us – humans trying to build and live in a better, more beautiful world – a world where trees are important, where we acknowledge our benefits of living in a green environment and act responsibly towards it.

If you open a homepage www.kokuskola.lv you can find three logos and information under each. On the left there is a logo of the society Annas Tree School, with some activities described under it. For now there is more in our hearts and minds than to show as our achievements. But we are dedicated to spare more and more time for filling up our School with events, people, knowledge and expertise. 

In the middle there is a logo of Annas Tree School company. The author of the idea and founder of the society, Edgars Neilands, has raised funds and invested his own to build facilities capable to suit the needs of seminars, housing guests from afar etc. It is surrounded by a complex of “Green classes” (a park and orchard) and technical facilities. To maintain the facilities and have the necessary investments reimbursed the company has been created. That way interested partners can use the facilities for conferences and other special events of their own.

On the right there is a logo of Labie Koki company – devoted practical workers, always eager to create beautiful landscape designs, plant and maintain gardens, share their expertise in treecare and – do all things that are good for trees, just as the name of the company states – Labie Koki or Good Trees! It is with their effort that Annas Tree School from an idea has formed into a real platform for lifelong learning and practicing. It is so because every one of us believe there is no other way than learn each day of our lives and share our knowledge with others..