Challenges and opportunities for green infrastructure in the city. Trees in a construction site and how to manage the situation. Main points to overthink before planting trees and different methods how to plant. Different types of soil and methods to improve it. Practice for improvement of already growing trees. Techniques and methods for pests and diseases in an urban environment.



Seminar “Urban Trees: Assessment & Technical solutions”


This event is intended to demonstrate the knowledge-based practices of tree health assessment and technical solutions in order to ensure the succeeding improvement of urban environment. In this seminar, presentations by authors of case studies will be given.

Jeremy Barrell – the founder of Barrell Tree Consultancy (“BTC”) (www.barrelltreecare.co.uk), one of the UKs largest Arboricultural Practices, working primarily in the planning and legal sectors. In 2001, he was honoured with the UK Arboricultural Association’s Award for his outstanding contribution to UK arboriculture, joining the ranks of previous winners, which includes Dr Shigo, Professor Mattheck and Dr Lonsdale. He designed the SULE, TreeAH, TreeABC and TreeAZ methods of tree assessment, which are internationally recognised management tools (www.TreeAZ.com).

Joris Voeten – a European Tree Technician with a strong focus on Urban Green Space Design aiming at creating climate adaptive, future proof and liveable cities through the incorporation of healthy trees and urban green spaces in the cityscape and on rooftops. With a background in Tropical Forestry, ecosystem functioning with circular water management, connectivity and multi-functionality is at the core of his designs. This way his designs and product developments for growing site constructions for trees in cities enable healthy trees for healthy people, with a positive impact on urban climate and local rainwater issues.

Wednesday 25.01.
Practical tree management

Jeremy Barrell – Heritage tree assessment
Jeremy Barrell – Advances in practical tree management
Joris Voeten – Growing sites for Urban Trees
Joris Voeten – Trees and Construction

Thursday 26.01.
Strategic tree management & planning

Jeremy Barrell – Trees and planning
Jeremy Barrell – Risk Management
Joris Voeten – How to get the arborist out of the tree
Joris Voeten – The role of trees in the urban water cycle of the future

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Contact: liene.kalvane@kokuskola.lv