BaltDendro 2016 4th

BaltDendro 2016 4th International Conference of Dendrochronologists and Dendroecologists from Baltic Sea Region. Thank you all for your participation!




Society of Annas Tree School invites you to this year’s seminars!

As always the topic will be trees! This time in the context of a forest, a city and urban landscaping. Our seminar series “A TREE IN A FOREST, A CITY AND IN LANDSCAPE DESIGN” will be held three days in February at our recently opened Annas Tree School! After the lectures everyone is welcomed to continue conversations in a more informal setting at our beautiful fireplace.

February 16 – “A TREE IN A CITY”

Our guest speakers on this day will be Dainis Ozols on noble trees, Andris Spaile on the arborist profession and education in Latvia and worldwide and Ilze Rubīna will share her experience on maintaining the Dendropark of Ledurga. We’re proud to offer also two lectures from Edgars Neilands.

Everyone is welcomed, especially those involved in managing our nature values in Latvia’s municipalities!

February 19 – “A TREE IN A FOREST”

This day will welcome many speakers who are experts in their field – LVMI “Silava” leading researcher Āris Jansons, entomologist and a professor at LU Faculty of Biology Kristaps Vilks and two lectures in English will be held by Liina Jürisoo from Estonia (licensed arborist, educated gardener, PhD student of Estonian University of Life Sciences on forest pathology).

We welcome anyone interested in forest ecology and current tree health issues!


In this seminar we’re honored to offer many distinguished speakers! The seminar will be opened by Edgars Neilands lecture on “Green Zones in Urban Areas”. We will hear also Riga city architect Gvido Princis and his view on the architectonic space. Urban anthropologist Viesturs Celmiņš will share his knowledge on how the value of public space is raised by natural capital. The afternoon session will be held in English by Wojciech Grąbczewski from “Grąbczewsky” nurseries who will speak about interesting landscape projects in Poland and the modern assortment of plants for the city.

We welcome landscape architects, everyone involved in urban planning and anyone interested in these topics and in hearing these great speakers!

Lectures held in English:

February 19
Liina Jürisoo (licenced arborist, educated gardener, PhD student of Estonian University of Life Sciences on forest pathology)
15:00 – 16:30 “Current Tree Health Issues”
16:45 – 17:30 “Structural Pruning”

February 27
Wojciech Grąbczewski (“Grąbczewsky” nurseries)
13:00 – 15:00 “Interesting Landscape Projects in Poland and Modern Assortment of Trees for the City”

Application and more information: Kristīne Celma (; +371 26113703)

Location: Annas Tree School, 8th km on the road to Liepaja, Klīves, Babītes nov., LV2107.

Seminar fee: 10 eur per seminar day (50% off by presenting a valid student card)
It can be paid in cash at registration on the day of the seminar or by bank transfer (please indicate the seminar you wish to attend and your name).

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Matthias Hower







A tree technician Matthias Hower from Germany was visiting us last summer.

He was leading a seminar on tree care and assessment. He shared his experience on how to avoid tree damage during construction works, how to manage aging tree avenues and other examples from his work in Germany. 

Participants had an opportunity to work with dendrotomograph.  By transmitting and detecting sound signals it allows to obtain a colourful cross-sectional image of the trunk without harming the tree.


Creating a Society

Aims of the Society:

  • Connect like-minded people who share an interest in trees in urban spaces and beyond
  • Encourage life-long learning
  • Promote interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Promote the quality improvement of the environment

A city cannot be imagined without any trees, and tree is one of the most important elements of the open space of a city. However, a city cannot consist solely of trees, and there is a need of good cooperation between experts of various fields in order to achieve the best outcome. The founders of the SOCIETY OF ANNAS TREE SCHOOL are professionals of various fields mainly involved with and around trees. It is a unity of nature experts, forestry technicians, gardeners, landscape architects and tree care experts – arborists.